Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey, This Hospital Has Wi-Fi!

That's pretty cool. Now maybe they could work on covering the basics, like a cafeteria that is open for three meals a day rather than just between the hours of 11 a.m.-2 p.m.? Because the eat-one-meal-a-day thing doesn't work out for parents staying at the hospital 24/7 with their kids. The only store within walking distance is Walgreens. I guess I could buy a dinner of little bottles of alcohol* and Cheetos there if I get desperate. Yummy!

Little A is next to me in her crib/cage as I write this, butt high in the air and face down, nose plowed into her fuzzy blankie. She continued her pattern of going on oxygen earlier each day. Today she desaturated and went on it at 3 p.m., whereas yesterday it was 7 p.m., and the after being off since 7 or 8 a.m. If she were not on oxygen now I'd be turning her over on her back for the 312th time and carefully respositioning her so she could breathe better while staring at the monitor, hoping to prevent her from going back on the supplemental Os. But since she's already on them now, I'll just let her snooze the way she wants for now as I write.

I wish I could say we are going home tomorrow, but it's looking like Thursday or Friday are the more likely scenarios. I wish it were earlier, but it is what it is. I really think that sleep deprivation may be the culprit for her desats at this point: She has bags under her eyes from lack of sleep! When she finally does take a nap, her body just can't keep up with her needs like it might have if she hadn't been exhausted on top of being sick. Annoying, but I'm not sure I can do much about it. I'll talk to the nurse about possibly delaying vital checks if she's sleeping, though. (Don't know if they'll do it, but I can always ask ...)

*For nonCalifornians it might sound weird that I could buy booze at a drugstore. But out here grocery and drug stores often have whole aisles filled with alcohol.


meg said...

Wabi, I hope Little A is feeling better very soon. And I hope you get to go home soon too.

This is just beyond scary. I hope Little A gets some sleep too. Oh and you too! Take care.

Julia said...

Oh, I loved the sleeping with butt in the air.
I hope you are right, and she just needs some rest.
Any delivery place willing to come to the hospital for you?

Julia said...

Sorry, that was unclear-- I loved when my daughter slept with her butt in the air. I thought it was terribly cute.

Aurelia said...

It just might be the sleep deprivation, or the crappy food. I'm just glad you have a private room and less noise.

Beruriah said...

The nurses should be able to delay the vitals checks for a little bit while she sleeps. I asked them to do that for Samuel when we were in the hospital last week for the second night after he fell asleep since his coughing had been keeping him up.

We can buy alcohol at drug stores and grocery stores too.

Poor girl. I wish that wishing could make her better quicker.