Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bye Bye, Baby

Latest development in the Wabi-Sabi abode: sisterly relationships are blooming! Up until now, the two A's shared space with each other, but most interactions were short and cajoled into occurring by a grownup. ("Hold her so I can take your picture together," etc.) But since Little A's birthday, the girls now play together on purpose. Big A builds block towers so Little A can smash through them. Even though Little A still can't walk, they play tag and some variety of hide and seek, too. It's incredibly heart warming to see the girls seek each other out enjoy each other's company. Growing up with a house full of brothers, I always yearned for a sister. Now I get to experience some of that through my own kids, which is wonderful.

Of course, just as I'm reaching for the camera to record video of some adorable scene, it has usually morphed into a tug of war over toys or some other variety of domestic strife. They are not shy at screaming at each other if the mood so strikes one of them.

The other day Big A fell asleep on the couch after a long walk, and her sister (who was energized after snoozing in the stroller on the bike path) crawled up and started poking Big A in the face. Big A moved away instinctively in her sleep, but that just made Little A even more interested in continuing her torture."Stop it, stop it, stoooop," complained Big A groggily.

To which Little replied, "Heh heh heh," sounding like a bonafide trickster. "Haw haw," she crowed triumphantly as she poked even harder before I could scoop her up.

My innocent little baby is now officially a toddler, I think.

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meg said...

So sweet...well not Little A poking Big A. But sweet all the same!