Sunday, February 3, 2008

Home Again

The good news: We got home Wednesday night. Plus Little A saw a pulminologist this week who put her on new meds. Eight days after initially getting sick, Little A's lungs sound pretty darn good. Today was the first time Dh and I haven't had to do albuterol treatments for breakthrough wheezing. There will be more tests and monkeying around with her medications in the future, but for now, I'm just thankful she isn't fighting for every breath anymore.

But perhaps the world has decided it will spin off its axis if we have a completely normal weekend? Because around 4 p.m. this Sunday Little A started throwing up. We've spent the rest of the day and night dealing with a baby with the stomach flu. FABULOUS.

After feeling unhinged about this development for an hour or so, I've calmed down and decided that this is not something to flip out about. No fever so far, and more Pedialyte is going in than comes out during the GI episodes. These are all signs that it's just a mild bug. Plus, the mommy vibes? Not an ominous tingle from them so far. I'm going to trust in the signs that the imminent dangers are low for this. The rest is just mess, and that I can definitely handle.

Keep your fingers crossed for us getting through the night without changing the crib sheets and cleaning the baby up multiple times!


Beruriah said...

Enough already. I thought we were battling relentless sickness this winter but really, this is just too much. I hope Little A is on the mend by now. And I'm impressed by how calm and on top of things you sound here. Is that for real? Take care

Wabi said...

Thanks, B. (And I hope Samuel is getting better from the RSV, too.)

I guess "calm" does describe me now ... not happy about what's happening, not at peace about losing YET ANOTHER day of work to taking care of a sick child, and when I think about it, really not looking forward to a bunch of scary bills that are now en route to us regarding multiple ambulance rides hospital stays. None of this is remotely fun or thrilling to live through.

But I don't think this stomach flu is very serious, and I am seeing improvements in Little A's lungs. As long as it's not life threatening to someone in the family, it's crap we can muddle through for now.

Chalk the calm under fire up to having a whole host of disasterous to contrast with merely annoying stuff, maybe? It's not like that is a silver lining that seems worth the price we paid to get here, but if it's here, I guess I'll take it!

thrice said...

I hope that the light is shinning very bright at the end of the sick tunnel today. Feel better.

meg said...

O.K. this is way too much! I sure hope Little A is feeling better very, very soon. I hope you made it through the night, without cleaning up.