Saturday, January 26, 2008

One More Thing

Last night Little A got a fever and a strong wheeze back in her lungs again.

So, back we went to her pediatrician's office today during their weekend drop-in clinic. That makes three visits in four days between the two As. So far it's not pneumonia again (yet). But, it's not good. We'll be back in the pediatrician's office first thing Monday if things go as planned.

Because I'm in a really black mood, I have already packed a hospital overnight bag. That way if we have to suddenly go to the ER and have her admitted for treatment before Monday, at least we won't be without some basic needs: a stash of toddler-appropriate snacks, a warm blanket for Little A to snuggle, toiletries for me, etc.

Children don't get serious lung infections multiple times per month unless they have an underlying autoimmune disease. So, in addition to the problem of the moment, I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea that Little A has asthma. This is the most likely culprit, and with the other possible options being things like cystic fibrosis, we'll take asthma. (Well, obviously nobody is letting us choose what she has ... but if we had a choice in this scenario, asthma seems like the best of the crappy things we could pick. )

We'll be giving a lot of nebulizer treatments multiple times per day for the time being and hoping it doesn't turn into pneumonia again. We'll sort out the rest of the ramifications of the asthma when things calm down more.

I know I am whining and probably come across as particularly ungrateful right now. Apologies for that. Chalk it up to the continued sleeplessness and a myriad of worries.


meg said...

Wabi, feel free to complain all you have every right to!

I hope little A is feeling better soon and you can avoid another trip to the hospital. I know asthma is very worrying. My husband had it really quite badly as a child. Things are a lot better for kids now (treatments), plus he did grow out of it.

I hope things settle down soon for you and you can get some sleep. Take care.

Aurelia said...

Asthma is the most likely. My kids both have it and while it can be scary, it can be controlled well.

When they get better, ask the Doc about the pneumovax shot. (pneumonia vaccine) It won't prevent every case of pneumonia but it prevents a heck of a lot of them. Most Docs don't think of it for kids only the elderly in nursing homes, but for kids with asthma or other respiratory risks it can prevent readmits to hospital.

Beruriah said...

Whine all you want. This is scary and this sucks.

I may borrow your idea of packing an overnight bag.

I so hope Little A gets better quickly, and that if it has to be something, it will be the least evil of choices.

Lori said...

I am going to keep hoping for an even lesser worry which is that somehow Little A is perfectly fine and has just had a bad run of bad luck. However, as Aurelia said, asthma can be very, very manageable.

Hoping for good health to come your way very soon!! Along with a good night's sleep!

thrice said...

Oh Sweetie, my heart breaks for you. hardly anything hurts more than to see our children suffer. I hope little A feels better soon.

Julia said...

I hope the bag went unused this weekend. This really is scary and it does suck. As everyone else said, complain and whine all you want.
If it is asthma, I will be paying a lot of attention since we are looking at a reasonable probability of it due to recently discovered genetic markers.