Monday, February 25, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now, the Rain Has Gone

February, the F month, so full of days of rain and trouble. This was going to be a gloomy post about trips to the pulminologist for Little A, of new medications we are trying, and my freak out over her asthma being described as brittle by the doctor. I was going to wallow in my fears about the upcoming sweat test that will determine if Little A has cystic fibrosis rather than asthma. Also on the menu: bitching about how Little A's milestones are now delayed. She was almost walking before Christmas, but since then regressed back to crawling. And she fell so many percentiles on the weight charts that during the last hospitalization, the nutritionist came by to give me pointers on how to feed a baby. I could have died. Or killed someone. Or died while killing someone. Picture earnest hospital lady saying, "You should offer her food often -- every two hours, even," as I bared my teeth in a fake smile and tried to stop myself from snotting, "But I usually put out kibble for her once a day -- is that not ok?"

But, right now I feel so happy. All that trouble can wait until another day. Little A started walking this weekend!

We've been trying to get her to walk with us for many months as practice for some solo steps, but she hated toddling along with her parents hanging on to her hands. She voted with her butt -- slamming it down on the floor each time we pulled her up. The more we tried, the more irritated she got.

The rain has been constant, and the kids home a lot due to sick babysitters and holidays. So on Friday I allowed Big A to bring her tricycle inside the house. She can ride a circular route through the whole main level and loves it. It turned out Little A is also in love with the tricycle, though far too little for her legs to reach the pedals. So, she would grab on the back of the trike and stumble along behind as her big sister looped the house. After a few days of holding on to the back of the tricycle, Little A suddenly took off without it.

She's super clumsy, having not figured out how to use her knees yet. Very Frankensteinesque. It's the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time.


Ann said...

Congratulations! I can just imagine how magical that must be.

meg said...

I'm so glad she's walking, what a cool way to start too. I think it's great the tricycle made its way inside. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Julia said...

This made me smile. I am glad it has been a good couple of days, despite the rain.