Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend!

Eldest Niece had her third birthday party on Saturday. It was a nice warmup for the sugarshock known as Easter that took place at our house on Sunday. As one can see from this photo, even little A, who only gets drunk on candy indirectly via her mommy, had to sleep it off after the birthday party.

Things DH & I Learned This Weekend

1)Dressing a three-year-old child in a white frilly skirt is cute for about three minutes. Then very stupid. By the end of Easter Big A looked like the "before" picture for a laundry detergent commercial. Except I don't think the skirt is going to be completely clean in any "after" scenario.

2) Bubble machine: Equivalent of the adult open bar for small children when it comes to ice breakers. Best $8.50 spent, ever. Let's get this party started!

3) Bubble solution, pink sidewalk chalk, and spit-up jellybeans combine to form a very strong epoxy when applied to toddler hair and just about anything else.

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