Monday, December 31, 2007

Things Have Not Gone as Planned

I am not sure what is worse -- having to call 911 while speeding along on the highway because it looks like your baby is about to stop breathing, or having called 911, discovering all circuits are busy. Then calling back again and getting a busy signal. Then calling back AGAIN and finally getting someone on the line after maybe six minutes of waiting.

Short story: Went to Tahoe Saturday, by Sunday came back home due to Little A's worsening illness. It's a four-hour drive. Halfway home we decided we needed to go to our local children's hospital rather than home. One hour from home we realized Little A was rapidly deteriorating and we couldn't wait to go to the hospital we wanted. So we called 911, and were directed to the nearest ER. Since then she's been transported to the local children's hospital, since it's one of the best pediatric care units around. Little A has a bad case of pneumonia. That means Big A is spending New Year's Eve with her cousins in Sonoma while her father and I spend it with her little sister at the hospital.

Little A is tired and bewildered at all the poking and prodding. Especially the poking: that child has had TEN IV sticks so far because her veins are so teeny that the IVs keep blowing out. And while supplemental oxygen is her best friend right now, she keeps trying to rip off the masks and cannulas. After last night, shows of fiestiness make us feel great. I never thought I'd squeal with delight when my kid lobbed a bottle over my shoulder at frustration with being forced to wear a mask. Life is surprising that way.

At any rate, she is holding her own now, and after last night that's saying something. We are hopeful she'll be home again in just a couple more days.

More soon. I'm off to quickly shower and defoul myself before heading back to the hospital.


Sara said...

Oh my god, how scary. Get better quick, quick, quick, Little A!

meg said...

Wabi, that is truly awful. It makes you wonder when you can't even get through to 911.

I am thinking of you and Little A. I hope she feels better soon.

niobe said...

How terrible and scary. I hope she's home soon.

Ann said...

Oh, that sounds terrible. You guys must be exhausted and very scared. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

thrice said...

Definitely not a good way to spend the New Year or any day. I hope little A rallys home real soon!