Friday, August 17, 2007


Big Changes! This week Big A made the switch from in-home daycare to preschool three days a week. Some related observations:

1) Peer pressure is good. Big A has always equated pig tails with a heinous method of torture, so her hair is almost never done up. But once she saw the other girls wearing their hair pulled back, suddenly she was willing to sit still while I combed, braided, and barretted to my heart's content. Is there anything cuter than a 3 year old in pigtails? I'm in mommy heaven.

2) Peer pressure is bad. Every day as we leave school, Big A tries to slide down the banister (of DOOM!) on the long outdoor staircase that leads to the parking area. When I tell her no, she whines "But other kids are doing it!" It is the first time ever she's used that argument with me to get what she wants. Unfortunately, I suspect it won't be the last ...

3) When I asked her teacher if Big A was shy on her first day, the woman snorted and said "God, no!" So, I guess BA hasn't morphed into a wallflower, despite the newness of everything.

4) H&M rocks. Seriously, Target-esque prices but their children's clothing is just so much cuter than bargain basement.

I just wish I could pull off the adult H&M clothes. I saw a coat that seemed tasteful and not too Forever 21 on the rack, and so I tried it on during Big A's shopping spree. Imagine my surprise when I found Jerri Blank reflected in the mirror:


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meg said...

This picture is too hilarious! I could not pull of H&M either, not a chance!

Sounds like preschool was a smooth transition for Big A! I didn't know H&M had kids clothes, I bet they are super cute.