Thursday, June 21, 2007

Itchy Bitchy Wife

After working myself into the finest of lathers over the loss of my vacation, DH called and said that he managed to work it out so that he can still go camping. Whoo-hoo! He also says that the reason he didn't put the notice in writing ahead of time for his vacation is that his office has no official system for doing so.

I was about to say "What? How could a company not have a way to plan ahead like that?" But then I remembered that this is the video game industry we were talking about, where many employees likely never take vacation at all. It is entirely likely that there is no system in place to log requests for them.

Now I feel bad for being so bitchy on the phone with poor DH about this. He's such a sweet guy, and it's not as though he actually wants to have his deadline moved so it screws with our camping. Time to go make nice ...

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