Friday, March 27, 2009

The Keeper of Your Heart

This week one of my cousins died in an accident. There are a whole range of emotions that go along with a 17 year old losing his life, especially when the details involve a speeding motorcycle and lack of safety gear. So many unanswerable questions that all begin with "WHY?" -- Too many whys to contemplate.

The current thing that sticks like a burr in my mind is the story of what happened in the hospital later. After brain death was confirmed and everyone gradually gave up hope for a miracle, staff at the medical center approached my cousin's immediate family about organ donation. His mother consented to donate the liver, corneas, and kidneys for transplant.

But she expressly said they couldn't have his heart. The transplant team asked about it. She refused to let them take it.

My cousin's mother is a nurse who sees the benefit of organ donation in her work. I'm proud she gave what she did. But I am also mystified by the matter of the heart.


Ann said...

I'm so sorry about your cousin.

About the heart--it's hard for me to say anything, because I have never been in the place of being asked to give up my loved one's organs. One thing my loss taught me is that I can't judge unless I've been there. But yes, it's strange...

AnnaMarie said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about your cousin. It's so sad.

That is very curious about his mother not consenting to donate his heart, perhaps someday you will learn why. How wonderful that some of his other organs will provide so much help to other people.

niobe said...

You know, I can imagine doing exactly what that mother did. She's in my prayers.

Beruriah said...

I'm late to this, Wabi, but I wanted to say I'm sorry. I know your family must still be suffering from this loss, and I am thinking of you.