Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Little A was a terror in the radiology waiting room, but a dream on the actual x ray table. They found what the pediatrician called "a little infiltrate" in the right lung. Too small to officially call it pneumonia on the report, though. Given her medical history, Little A came home with a prescription for antibiotics anyway, on the off chance it isn't viral.

Even better: after chugging along at 60 breaths per minute for a day, her respiration rate dropped back down to about half that last night. And she finally ate. It was ice cream and not her dinner, but whatever. She took in calories. After a bumpy couple of days, I think my girl is licking this infection on her own. I'll give her the antibiotics anyway, since she also had a developing ear infection. But as a mom, my anxiety level with Little A's health tracks closely with her breathing rate. There's nothing like a gasping child to get me all nerved up! So now I feel better too. Even though Little A gifted me with a cold of my own, and now Big A is now complaining of a sore throat, I feel better.

We may have to pack lots of tissues and Tylenol for our trip, but now it seems we will be packing. Hooray!


Sara said...

Great news!

I'm pretty sure Disneyland can cure what ails ya.

debbie said...

Yay! So glad she's feeling better and it's looking like you'll get to take that trip! How fun. Have a great time!

Rosepetal said...

Have a great trip together.