Monday, July 14, 2008

Run Over in the Parking Lot

Wabi: (to Big A while strapping Little A into the stroller and locking the car) Stay next to me, honey. See those cars? We're in a parking lot and you need to be careful.

Big A: So I don't get squished?

Wabi: Yep.

Big A: So I don't die?

Wabi: (Deep sucking in of breath) Exactly.

Big A: If I die, do you just start over with another new kid?

Wabi: ... No. It doesn't work that way. You are not replaceable. Besides, I can't have any more children.

Big A: Never? Why not?

Wabi: I got a little bit broken when Little A was born, sweetie. I'm ok, except that I can't have babies anymore. But even if I could have more children, you are still not replaceable in any way.

Big A: Because I'm special?

Wabi: Yeah. So please, try not to get squished, ok?

Big A: Well all right, momma!


Julia said...

Oy. That had to be tough. Hope you had a cocktail after, a very strong cocktail.

G said...

Interesting the way kids work these things out. Well all right Momma - so cute.

debbie said...

oh my gosh. speechless and slightly heartbroken. you did a terrific job with that.

thrice said...

Yeah, that had to be not fun.