Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Daycare Debacle Update

The plot thickens. Apparently it wasn't enough to mess things up with me. A good friend of mine (J.) also uses Sharon's services on a an occasional (drop-in) basis, and when she called to see if Sharon was available to sit her boys one day this week, she got an earful of spew. Sharon lied and said I had specifically brought up J.'s arrangement as favorable to mine in lobbying for a cheaper rate for Little A. Sharon then jacked up J.'s rate in retaliation for my friend supposedly "talking out of turn" to me!

First, it's ridiculous that she assert that it would be wrong for clients to discuss their rates with one another, friends or not. This isn't anything top secret. While it's true that I knew J. had a better deal than me, Sharon HERSELF had told me this in passing a few months ago. Plus, J.'s current day rate is one I used to have until six months ago. I know all the old and new rates because in the past 12 months, my kids have been there full-time, then as drop-ins for awhile, and then as a regular part-time arrangement. So I could compare and contrast what was the best bargain without input from others.

It's also a complete lie that I brought up any other client's name in my negotiation. This was all about me and mine, nobody else. In fact, I didn't even ask for a rate reduction as Sharon claims. (She offered it.) All I originally requested was more flexibility in what days Little A could be watched at the same rate of pay I currently give Sharon. That was it.

Since at first J. thought I betrayed her trust to get a better daycare rate, of course she was upset and angry with me. But thankfully she seems to believe me when I say Sharon was not truthful. Now she's super pissed at Sharon. But still, there has been stress and tension injected into what is usually an easy, fun relationship. And what should have been inconvenient and unfortunate for just my family now has greater ripples.

I keep wondering if I should have realized Sharon would lash out at J. if I brought up the differences between the various prices for different tiers of care. Maybe I was just too focused on my own grievances to see that this would likely be part of the fallout if my renegotiation went badly?

If someone gets hurt because of something you did (even if the hurt was indirect and unintentional) how much guilt and fault should you shoulder? And how do you make it up to the wounded party?

Sigh. Not a good week. And it's only WEDNESDAY.


Beruriah said...
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Beruriah said...

whoops my error above

Under normal conditions, perhaps you'd bear some responsibility but here, but under these I say that Sharon is just crazy! As well as unprofessional and perhaps going through some tough times.