Friday, September 14, 2007

Lakeward Bound ...

In celebration of DH and I being married for 11 years (Jesus, we look 1990s-fresh in those wedding pics) our family is off to some rented hut on Lake Tahoe for the week. I'm bringing my laptop, but since the house didn't advertise WiFi, I'm assuming we're roughing it without decent Internet connectivity. Unless I can jack off some body's free service, I probably won't be posting again until after 9/24.

Here's hoping the kids, the in-laws, and DH and I can all get along in a 2 BR + loft for the week!

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meg said...

Wabi, hope you have a great time! And I also hope you survive hanging in such close quarters with the in-laws.

Let us know what you got up to, when you get back. I hope you get to do lots of relaxing!