Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things the Baby Loves Best

Listed in order of importance:

1) My boobs
2) Big A
3) The rest of me and all of Daddy

Seriously, the girl LOVES to nurse. I know that anyone who has breast fed a baby before is probably thinking "Well, duh," but the amount of adoration my baby reserves for her two favorite girlfriends surprises me. Big A rejected the boobs in favor of bottles shortly after I returned to full-time work. By the time she was Little A's current age, Big A was completely weaned. I just assumed that once she was able to sit up and play with toys and eat solids, etc., that Little A would also start to lose interest in nursing much like her big sister did.

Instead, Little A seems ever more obsessed. She can't crawl yet, but she can somehow levitate that little body and lunge in the general direction of my chest. She can twist like a member of Circe de Soleil, if you happen to be holding her facing away from you (to try to keep her from noticing the boobs and succumbing to their mighty draw). And she can use her two and a half teeth to gnaw on buttons hard enough to make crunching sounds.

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