Friday, May 11, 2007

Eating, eating, eating ...

Cecily over at And I Wasted All That Birth Control recently wrote about trying to eat better, and boy can I relate to her thoughts on the joy of Whole Foods. Especially this time of year, a trip to an organic produce department is almost psychedelic: Ooooh, the colors! Also, the sense of well being that comes with eating tasty, healthy food on a regular basis is indeed wonderful unto itself.

It has been awhile since I've frequented Whole Foods (mostly because of it's "Whole Paycheck" downside), but I think now might be a good time for me to head over and get inspired by the fruits and veggies once again. They say kids are supposed to motivate their parents to try to lead better lives. But for me, kids have brought the worst eating habits of my life. When I was pregnant, to even look at a salad was to wretch or feel my rib cage melt from heartburn. The only things I could choke down on a regular basis while gestating were cheeseburgers and cookies. Breastfeeding also leaves me in the precarious of state of perpetual starvation, and so it seems entirely logical to have dessert after every meal -- even after snacks, if the whim strikes me.

After I weaned Big A and my appetite did get more normal for awhile, but family-related roadblocks to good eating continued. By then I was working full time again and too frazzled to cook properly. Enter the prepackaged dinners and takeout to solve that issue. Still, in between the junk there was still a decent share of fruits and veggies. At least until I got pregnant with my trisomy 18 baby and went through the medical termination. After that, it was a superhuman effort to just get out of bed, take care of Big A, not get a divorce, jump off a bridge, etc. All thought regarding healthy eating went out the window, where it stayed throughout Little A's dicey, tense pregnancy.

But now the fact that I'm still eating dessert after every meal (which happen to still consist mostly of cheeseburgers) is starting to bug me. I guess the good news is that life has become normal enough for me to worry about regular-type stuff like this. On the other hand ... the idea of giving up 5 desserts a day is gonna be a big challenge. Sugar, how I love thee!

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